Changelog (html5) — January 13, 2019

I'm going to start trying to post consolidated changelogs whenever I update the files, in addition to the longer-form wicklogs.

I'll tag these with the platforms I'm deploying on in the title. For example, I've only updated the in-browser (html5) version with this release.


  • optimized draw calls, reducing per-loop draw time by about 25%
  • munged scripts and vector graphics into single files, reducing load time by about 50%
  • munged png graphics into a spritesheet, probably reducing load & draw time by a bit more
  • redesigned neuron detail panel
  • redesigned slider bars
  • eyes now cast a cone of sight instead of a line
  • touch sensors now have a small graphic that shows their state
  • you can now control the speed of the simulation, from 0% to 400%
  • can place a new cell on top of an existing one to swap it in
  • added a "tutorial" button in the middle of the main menu to skip to that

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Version 17 Jan 14, 2019

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