CRESCENT LOOM: Build physics-based creatures and weave their brains with simple biological neural networks to explore a player-created ocean ecosystem.

This demo is a work-in-progress; set your expectations accordingly. 

I've made this online demo freely available in order to make it easy for people to test while I'm developing it; the final version is going to be for sale (with still maybe a free limited demo). You can pre-order it and get access to a downloadable demo (PC) below. It runs a lot faster than this online version, and I really appreciate the support. :)

If you can't connect to the server here, try playing it from instead.

What you can expect:

<> There's a short introduction that'll walk you through making a basic creature, and a help button in the bottom-left that helps explain some of the concepts.

<> The only "objective" of the game right now is to make a creature that manages to eat enough to lay an egg.

<> If you save a creature online, it will automatically start showing up in other players' games. I, uh, don't really have any filters for what can or can't show up, so this is going to be a social experiment as much as a technical one. We'll see how that goes.

<> Once you get the hang of the basics, probably the best way to learn how to make functional creatures is by loading some of the examples I've included. (e.g. "basic", "jelly", or "leviathan")

<> If you encounter bugs / crashes / confusion - or - you just have feedback, I'd love to hear it! You can comment below or reach out on one of the channels down here ---vvv

I'm a one-person neuroscientist-gamedev team. If you wanna follow my progress as I work on this, I post a lot of gifs to twitter, slightly less frequently to the facebook page, and major announcements to the email wickletter. You can also browse and share player-created creatures on the subreddit!


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