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Knit bones, stitch muscles, and weave neurons into biologically-realistic underwater lifeforms.

It's like Spore, but with actual science.

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Crescent Loom is currently in open development; expect potentially major bugs, crashes, changes, and additions as I work on it over the next few years.

How do bodies move?

There’s so much that goes on beneath our awareness. We don’t need to concentrate on our heart for it to beat, our lungs to breathe, our teeth to chew, our legs to walk.

Instead, we have special circuits of neurons called central pattern generators that produce these rhythms of motion for us. If we had to think about moving each muscle ourselves, walking would be impossible.*

But neurons are super tiny (which make them hard to see) and we don't have a good metaphor for how they work (for the love of Ramón y Cajal, brains are not like computers!).

Right now, it's pretty much impossible get a good sense of what make neurons tick without spending a lot of money and time in school.

I aim to change that.

Crescent Loom lets you — in a hands-on, mad-scientist way — get an intuitive sense of how neurons actually work.

*as seen in QWOP


Buy Now$19.00 USD or more

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yo i... adore this, and my friends adore this, and any effort to do anything like spore but good is an incredibly noble one. i'm not sure if this is the correct method/place for bug reporting but the tutorial stops responding after the part where you're told to push the play button, and it looks like there's a lot more tutorial to go judging by the greyed-out levels next to it. is this intentional? again, thank you thank you thank you for wonderful game.

Hi Mabelmabel,

Glad to hear you're enjoying it! Alas, the tutorial does end after you press play; the greyed-out levels are works-in-progress that aren't in-game yet. I could definitely do a better job making that clear.

I'm currently trying to get more funding to keep working on the game and add more levels. Following the game here or joining the mailing list will letcha know when I update it.

I'd love to hear any other feedback you have about the game, so don't hesitate to give me a shout. :)