Changelog (html5, PC, Mac, Linux) — June 26, 2018

Notable bugs:

  • Sound is broken. I think this is due to me upgrading to windows 10. (windows)
  • I changed the options system for neurons, so if you load an existing creature you won't be able to change their options (all)
  • Tutorial broke so I removed it. Working on a new one. (mac/linux)
  • Scroll wheel is broken (all besides html5). Will fix once I re-upgrade back to Cerberus X.

Notable changes:

  • Added stimulator tool to manually activate neurons.
  • Added detail window for neurons & limbs. Can now see ion channels open/close, have multiple options on a single thing.
  • Redesigned cell mouse-over options to be less cluttered.
  • New test racing map.
  • Increased minimum resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768 (things were getting too crowded).

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Version 29 Jun 20, 2018 31 MB
Version 9 Jun 20, 2018 32 MB
Version 6 Jun 20, 2018 33 MB
Version 3 Jun 20, 2018

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