Changelog (html5) — January 19, 2021

For version 0.7.5:

  • Render optimization; e.g. particles, creatures, decor are each drawn in a single step. Performance is tricky to tell if there's a difference, as always, but I think I'm getting fewer framerate drops.
  • Removed creature outlines. They've always been a little graphically janky. This is cleaner and much more render-efficient.
  • Removed broken tutorial tooltips. Replaced with a simple golden ring around the areas of focus.
  • Fixed mouse wheel, again. I think we're good this time for real though.

I also am trying to focus on making my tools better so working on stuff doesn't have such a high start-up energy. As such, I've made some changes that will make it easier for me to deploy, so expect more frequent smaller ones for html5. Desktop versions will follow eventually — probably whenever I am running an event that needs them e.g. for classrooms.

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Version 26 Jan 20, 2021

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