Changelog (all platforms) — November 23, 2020

For version 0.7.4:

Major changes/fixes:

  • Added modulatory synapse type — it increases/decreases the effect of OTHER nearby synapses.
  • Added creature autosave — if desktop crashes/closes in a strange way, the game will auto-load the last creature when you open it back up.
  • Added channel detail panel — shift+click a channel to see the rules that govern it. Can also change ion concentrations in the cell.
  • Added cell recorder — enable it through the options menu to record up to 30 seconds of cell activities to a .csv file.
  • New save/load screen, including a confirmation window for overwriting local creatures.
  • Ganglia can send connections between each other as described here.
  • Fixed online save/load by moving from my janky personal server to google cloud storage. I had to re-save all creatures so some got purged, but I saved as many as I could.
  • Fixed saving locally on mac. Now saves creatures and logs to /<user>/Documents/CrescentLoom/

Smaller changes/fixes:

  • Reduced draw calls for neuron detail panel by chunking them. There may be a little bit of jitter on the edges, but it's way faster.
  • Added rainbow color to the palette. Body parts and lights can now rotate through the spectrum.
  • Made controls cheatsheet, accessible through the menu.
  • Added small amount of jitter to pacemaker neurons to allow them to drift out of sync.
  • Gave all cells 3-letter words as IDs (e.g. "JAM" or "GAY") for the ganglion connection menu.
  • Can change options while ingame via the hamburger menu.
  • Click+drag the background to move camera (rather than needing to use WASD).
  • Did a refactoring pass to hopefully improve the lag problems.
  • Hold ctrl while dragging a part to lock it in place and modify angle instead.
  • Added harpoon body part.
  • Eyes have slider values for range, arc, and sensitivity.
  • Made delay neuron more reliable.
  • HTML5 can load a number of shipped creatures “from disc” while offline. (still can’t save locally tho)
  • Undo undoes an entire muscle instead of one segment at a time.

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Awesome sauce. Sounds like everything is one notch better. I'm always impressed by your steady progress, and by this beautiful thing you're making.