Wrist injury; update delayed

Hi all,

I've been sitting on an update that's about 75% ready for a couple weeks now. It has some things I'm quite excited to share (60 FPS! Modulatory synapses! New body parts!) but, unfortunately, working on the computer & any kind of extended mouse-use has been steadily aggravating wrist tendon pain of mine.

I really really really don't want it to turn into a permanent injury, so I've been trying to strictly limit my computer use. Since I have a webdev day job that I depend on, it means that my normal nights-and-weekends work pattern has had to stop. Which means that this update isn't going to be able to see the light of day in the immediate future. :( :( 

Instead of pressuring myself to rush to get it done before my wrist is ready, I wanted to post this publicly to set expectations and make some space for myself. Hopefully regular icing and the load of ergonomic equipment I've ordered will give my wrist the opportunity to heal. Thanks for your patience.  ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

~ Olive

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Take your time! Better to delay an update as long as needed than to risk your own health.

Thanks. I'm trying to resist the "oh, it feels a little better today, guess I'll launch into an 8-hour coding session" urge that'll land me right back where I started. ๐Ÿ˜…