Changelog (all platforms) — June 16, 2020

For version 0.7.1:

Major changes/fixes:

  • Made step-by-step pattern guides for four creatures (press "H" to bring up the window; it also opens by default on a game start). I'm really interested in hearing if these are useful! I've experimented with a lot of ways of teaching the game, and I'm optimistic about this approach. (I copied a lot of the design & concept from Lego building instruction manuals.)
  • Increased speed of brain simulation relative to the body (3x). Action potentials are much faster, which allows for greater nuance in firing rate. Many neurons & ion channels had to be refactored to work at the increased speed.
  • Significantly tuned physics system to make it snappier and respond to the faster brains; had to re-make all existing creatures (old ones will likely not work/be funky).
  • Fixed mouse wheel for both desktop and html5.
  • Fixed sound (hopefully! I think!) for Windows; game folder was missing wrap_oal.dll
  • Fixed insta-crash with MacOS build; it didn't like that I'd changed the icon/app name. If they look a little funky, that means I didn't figure out how to change the defaults in the time between writing this and posting it.
  • Desktop defaults to fullscreen & shader is turned off. There were lots of reports of crashes on Windows that I wasn't able to replicate, but people have been saying that these settings help.

Smaller changes/fixes:

  • Save window will warn if if you're going to overwrite a creature.
  • Increased contrast in tooltips for readability; text is now white instead of desaturated blue.
  • Undo tooltip gives a hint for how to delete things.
  • Disabled arrow-key UI.
  • Settings are reverted to default on new major game versions (so I can add new settings values and trust that they'll show up)
  • Tweaked available colors & organized by rainbow.
  • Disabled fullscreen for Mac. I swear fullscreen on mac is haunted. I feel like I'm always having problems with it.
  • Removed Ruby Ridge racecourses; they've been neglected for too long and have gotten pretty janky.
  • Added a larger "caverns" open area with a few new props (blue mushrooms!)
  • Cleaned up my SVG import system; I could now theoretically use ~curves~ instead of only straight lines.
  • Can now manually set framerate in the settings file. This is experimental and will likely cause some problems, but higher framerates look so so much nicer. Definitely something I'm going to wrap into future releases once I get it a little more tested.

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Version 11 Jun 17, 2020

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For some reason it never warns me when i overwrite a creature? Did i download an older version or is that a bug?

Deffo a bug. I've added a warning for the next update. Sorry if you lost some data!


The critter patterns included were very useful to me! It helped me see some locomotion patterns I could try out, and helped me take my critters from jiggling sadly in place to...actually moving and responding to their environment.


Yessss, I am very glad to hear that. And quivering piles of twitching flesh is how I see most people get started :p