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Crescent Loom

Weave unique biological creatures. Free online demo! · By wick


Recent updates

Wicklog 23: Here's the plan
Back in the states. Stugan was great, friendship is the real treasure , etc. Reflecting, one of the things I heard the most from visiting industry professionals...
Wicklog 22: Friendship is the real treasure
Twenty game developers in the Swedish woods for six weeks. How has that been going, huh? Turns out a lot can get done in a focused, community-supported environm...
Wicklog 21: Emotional Loops & Summer Roadmap
Stugan Hello from Sweden! Today's my first day at the Stugan summer workshop, where 20 game devs (including myself) are going to be working on our respective pr...
Notable bugs: Sound is broken. I think this is due to me upgrading to windows 10. (windows) I changed the options system for neurons, so if you load an existing...
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Wicklog 20: Exposing hidden mechanics, backwards compatibility, and Stugan
Stugan I'm going to Sweden!! Stugan is a 2-month workshop for about 20 developers to focus on a goal while in a cabin out in the woods. They bring in mentors, a...
Wicklog 19: Level editor & ghost bugs.
First, quick note: while asking around the edu tech community about how to proceed with CL, I met Mikael Uusi-Mäkelä, one of the people responsible for Minecr...
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Wicklog 18: Minecraft & Language Change
Minefaire At my very first showing of Crescent Loom, a child walked up to my booth and said, "Is this Minecraft?". "Not quite!", I replied, launching into my pi...
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Wicklog 17: New Trailer & Orientation Sensor
For the indie fund application, I finally cut together the first trailer since before the Kickstarter. It's satisfying to look back and see how much I've refine...
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